Monday, 26 January 2009

A Frustrating Experience.

Whilst having a couple of drinks at the local pub the other night, I went crazy and decided to 'break the ice' on the 'chosen' question with certain family members and other associates. Call me slightly naive, but I had gotten it into my head that I would be enlightening them all on this whole 'new reality,' or way of looking at the world.

Not wanting to make things too obvious, I opened the conversation by talking about the 'Banksters'. However, before I even came close to naming the dreaded 'chosen', it become quite clear that these supposedly ignorant peons knew EXACTLY which group of people I was referring to.

In my inebriated enthusiasm, I then tried to explain the situation further to a certain relative of mine in particular (what was I thinking?) and other family members in my company (cringe). My relative attempted to quite literally put her hand over my mouth in a vain effort to prevent me from declaring the 'chosen' word out loud for all to hear - and even made a spectacular fool out of herself in her attempt to 'change the subject.' Needless to say, this individual is well aware of my views, though has a crude (no doubt media influenced) understanding of them. It seems that, like most other people, this relative feels extremely uncomfortable talking about these issues in public.

So, a change of tactics, I decided to use a softer approach. Instead of calling out the 'chosen' tribe by their actual name, I decided to refer to them by the more acceptable term of 'Zionists'. In an instant these people seemed to be far more comfortable, though still slightly ill at ease with the topic at hand.

When I had gotten even more heavily intoxicated, I eventually came back to the 'forbidden word', just to see what kind of reaction I would get. Again, the hand went over my mouth. I thought for a moment that one of my relatives was going to shove a handkerchief down my throat. That's how desperately this person wanted me to 'put a sock in it.' Even in this merry (drunken) state, hardly anybody could tolerate that one word.

This one experience has helped me to realise that the problem is not so much that people are uninformed or even too stupid. For most people are very much aware that there is something seriously wrong in this world! And as I have always said, the average peon is more intelligent and aware than one likes to give them credit for.

The painful truth is, the average man and woman simply chooses to ignore the problems facing this world - perhaps with a moan and groan on occasion - as long as they are happy and fat. As long as the masses have their central heating, electrical appliances and general security, they will turn a blind eye to almost anything - even the destruction and genocide of their own people.

As sad as it is to say, the only real prospect that White Loyalist idealists and revolutionaries can hope for (and perhaps even work for) is world wide depression, famine, destruction and chaos at every possible level. Only when the collective stomach of the people begins to grumble will we see any significant move towards action for the better. I have been aware of this reality for a long time of course. But the reality of the situation is no less frustrating - no less sickening - especially when it is staring at you right in your face. The feeling is worsened when you know that the sinister enemies of our people are laughing - uproariously laughing! - their despicable little heads off at our demise.

Worse is Better!

James Mac.

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