Thursday, 5 April 2012

Is Religion Evil or Beneficial?

And the Futility of the 'Humanist' (Social Marxist)
Atheist Movement

I am sure most of you will be familiar with the many so-called 'militant atheists' that seem to be overly represented on the Internet. From hundreds of websites to blogs, and especially on video sites such as YouTube, these activists are tireless in promoting the message that 'religion is evil', barbaric, a throwback to the stone age.

You most probably have an image in your mind as to what these people are like. The type that just love to shout and holler about the stupidity and ludicrousness of 'creationism', religion, and how such gullible believers in the supernatural need to extricate themselves from delusion and embrace science and 'reason'.

They also boast that atheists are 'winning the battle' against the 'religious crazies'. All well and good you might think… that is, until you learn of the less than savoury agendas that these people are often trying to push. Such as homosexuality and other sexual deviancy that the vast majority of us are repulsed by.

So, is all religion the heinous force that these people claim it is? And are the secular humanists of the 'godless movement' truly winning the battle in their 'war on god'?

Only recently, on the 24th March 2012, there was an event held in Washington D.C., which went by the provocative title of the 'Reason Rally'. I assume this choice of title is meant to send a message to those who may not agree with these paragons of enlightenment - agree with us or you are 'unreasonable'. How about that to rub you up the wrong way?

The gathering featured some of the most prominent, 'leading atheists' from around the world (an 'all-star, international line-up', as a certain Internet activist, Mr. Philip (Thunderf00t) Mason, put it) who were to give godless sermons to a crowd of (so they claim) around 20,000 of their most dedicated fellow heretics, howling about the evils of 'religion' and praising the benefits of a 'secular' society. The event was hailed as the 'Woodstock for atheists and sceptics'.

The line-up, according to various online sources, included such reprobates as Eddie Izzard, the transvestite and alleged comedian; television host and all-round anti-White worm Bill Maher; Tim Minchin, who appears to be some kind of mascara wearing hipster and (again) alleged comedian (of whom, I must confess, I had never seen or heard of before viewing a certain video clip promoting this rally); that big mouthed, oversized, irritating illusionist Penn Jillette (who should keep to his day job in my opinion), various politicians, social commentators and many other so-called 'hip' and 'trendy' celebrities from the world of entertainment.

And, of course, keynote speaker, the author of 'The God Delusion' and 'lion' of the 'atheist movement', was none other than Richard Dawkins himself. All rejoiced that they were 'winning the battle' for hearts and minds in the name of atheism.

This event had been promoted on the web for quite a while (with activists offering a chance to win a three course meal with Richard Dawkins, etc.), so I had been aware of it for the last couple of months, though quite honestly I tried to ignore it. But after watching a nauseating - yet breathtakingly laughable - presentation on YouTube, where many of these nerdy, weak looking specimens (activists and supporters) showed such emphatic optimism for their 'unholy cause' (a cause that is, I believe, surely *doomed to failure*), I couldn't resist expressing my thoughts to these people:

About how they are completely delusional if they think they could 'win the battle' against 'religious crazies', especially with a one world, pro-deviancy world view that encourages all the scum of the third world to proliferate, invade former-White homelands, bringing with them the 'gods of their far-off lands' (namely Islam), their superstitions, their prejudices, their diseases and - worst of all - contaminating our precious White gene pool with their filthy seed…

How many of the participants at this event (both the crowd and the speakers) appeared to be the kind of degenerates that most normal, decent people frown upon and are disgusted by. Or if they are not disgusted, they certainly do not feel comfortable having their agendas rammed down their throats…

And of course, how broadcasting themselves as the epitome of progressive thinking - despite promoting degenerative lifestyles, race-mixing etc. - would surely anger many people.

I argued that such a mentality was intentionally divisive and would undoubtedly lead more traditionalist and moral minded people to side with the 'religious crazies', whether they are into spook chasing or not.

That inevitably provoked a barrage of foulmouthed responses from these 'disciples of reason'. Predictably, the rabid - frothing at the mouth -hyenas, that we might call 'militant (social-marxist) atheists,' shouted me down with their usual invective and down-thumbed my comments into oblivion.

However, truly, it does seem that these people are - guided, of course, by the largely 'chosen' intellectuals - happy to stoke the flames of such dissension, which their activism will inevitably lead to.

So, remind me again, how on earth do these people intend to prevail? Both in this sea of racial madness and their obnoxious posturing? Sounds like a recipe for disaster - and even genocide to me.

Regarding the 'humanist atheist' argument that 'all religion' has a detrimental effect on a society, I cannot help but disagree. We must remember, religion and the affinity of mankind for religion is an inborn trait with which Nature has endowed us, and is inbred in our genes. Obviously if we are talking about the Abrahamic religions (the favourite and most unchallenging punchbag of the atheist), such as parasitic Judaism (detrimental to us!), race-mixing Islam and suicidal ('love your enemies', 'give all you have to the poor') Christianity, then, of course, there would be little argument and I would have to agree, they are bad religions - especially for White people, the only people I am concerned about.

However, if we are talking about a *Racial Religion*, such as the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion *Creativity* - which is based on the eternal laws of Nature, history, logic and common sense - and whose adherents strive for the redemption and resurrection ('survival, expansion and advancement') of the White race, then clearly it is a benign and beneficial religion - again, for White people, that is.

Religion is like fire - it can be both evil or it can be benevolent, depending on how you use it. Or as the Great Founder of Creativity, Ben Klassen, put it:

'Religion, like fire, is a powerful force, but, like fire, it can be either constructive or destructive depending on how it is used, by whom, and on whom.'

Actually, it can be argued that the fanatical ('humanist') atheism, as espoused by the likes of Sam Harris, Eddie Izzard, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry and the many entertainers, comedians and other celebrities, is every bit the bad 'religion' that they so fervently seek to overthrow. They are certainly as dogmatic as any other religion, even though its adherents claim to be 'free thinkers'.

So though I think we White Loyalists can agree with the 'atheists' that the spooks in the sky is a lot of piffle - and Richard Dawkins indeed lays the argument out so eruditely in 'The God Delusion' - that is where our similarities end. The world view of these people is dominated largely by (Jewish) 'humanism', which is - to put it mildly - completely at odds, is hostile to the racial loyalist position, even though many of those who identify as 'humanists' may actually agree with us (at least behind closed doors) on the issue of racial differences and so forth.

As these people do not embrace the racial loyalist position - let alone even come close to addressing the 'chosen' question - they are doomed to failure regardless of how flawless and 'reasoned' their argument about the non-existence of spooks and the supernatural. In fact, this entire so-called 'reason' movement is completely dominated by Jews and Jewish thought. To confirm this, one only has to type in 'The 25 Most Influential Living Atheists' or the 'FFRF honour board' into the Google search engine. There you will see a practical Jewish wedding of academics - who are all (rather strangely one might think - at least to the uninitiated) intensely proud of their Jewishness. Those that are not Jewish will be completely under the influence of the chosen tribe and the most fanatical apologists for them. And that is only scratching the surface.

So in conclusion, it is plain to see that the 'atheists' are never going to succeed in converting, for example, the masses of the muslim world to their way of thinking. Actually, it is clear that the more non-whites (especially the more primitive variety) that enter former White ('western') countries, the more prevalent and powerful such backward religions as Islam and Christianity become. So they will never be able to tackle these vital issues, whether it be spook craft, militant Islam or anything else - unless they come to grips with that most urgent issue of all - the issue of race! That and the Jewish question. Until these 'atheists' see through Jewish lies - and that is looking like a near impossibility, so befuddled are they - they will continue to be led by the nose into pointless, phoney causes. So extinction it is.

What we White people of the world actually need is not humanist atheism - as espoused by Dawkins, Sam Harris, the now deceased Christopher Hitchens (etc.) and their largely degenerate and befuddled fan base - or even a nationalist political ideology. What we most desperately need is a *Racial Religion* of our own. That racial religion is *Creativity.*

With our religion, Creativity, we have no desire to convert the masses of the third world to our way of thinking. In fact, they have *absolutely* no place in our future - not if we can help it. We seek only to spread the gospel of White Racial Loyalty to White people and White people exclusively, wherever they may live upon the face of this planet. We also have no interest in promoting sexual deviancy or any other immoral and degenerative lifestyle. What we promote is simply healthy White families, up-breeding of the White Race through eugenics and all round Salubrious Living.

If we can take anything from the 'militant atheists', it is - dare we say - their religious zeal. They are fanatical in promoting their ideas, degenerate or otherwise. We must do likewise. We must be tireless. We must be assiduous, dogged and indefatigable in promoting the holy message of White Racial Loyalty. If we do not do this - quite simply - *we are doomed!* We will be condemned to the scrapheap of evolution along with these muddleheaded 'atheists'.

'We now have a religion of our own, a White Man’s religion, established for the survival of the White Race, for the White Man’s benefit. It is called Creativity. Since religion is like fire, let us make sure we utilize ours to burn down the treacherous facade that is being used against us, and to fuel our own engines to steamroller the Jews and other mud races out of our culture.' (Ben Klassen - On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War.)

Read Natures Eternal Religion today and embrace *your* racial religion - Creativity.

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