Sunday, 2 September 2012

Whose side are they on? Not ours!

HERE we have the British injustice system punishing a remorseful British veteran, Simon Parkes, far more severely than an unrepentant muslim, who openly despises British soldiers (and British society and culture no doubt) and would gleefully watch our serving troops having their limbs blown off.

It makes you wonder, whose side is the government and legal system on? Certainly not ours, that's for sure.

If a Christian or somebody of western extraction were to burn a Koran in an Islamic country, could anyone seriously imagine a Sharia court being so lenient as to let the said offender off with a small fine?

And how would justice be served to somebody like Simon Parkes after they had desecrated a mosque with the blood or dismembered head of a pig? A fine? A prison sentence? I doubt it. He would most likely meet the same fate as the pig.

Simon Parkes was of course wrong to vent his frustration in the manner that he did. He should not hate muslims for their religion, their beliefs, or the way they dress; nor for the sentiments they express.

He should be angry with those that have allowed this ridiculous situation to come about.

The fault lies not with the muslims, as repellant, barbarous and alien as they are to our land and culture, but the government and powers that be that foisted these people upon us.

Wake up and smell the gefilte fish.

As a side note, isn't this 4-month sentence a little harsh? A touch excessive? Surely a small fine or community service would be more adequate to fit the crime?

Who are the people that would support this I wonder? The same people that are wringing their hands with hysteria as they call for the release of Pussy Riot, the feminist slags who desecrated a church in Russia?

Clearly we have a hypocritical anti-White agenda.

* * * * *

I HAVE always said (and I continue to believe) that the detrimental effects of cannabis use are understated. One only has to listen to a regular cannabis user talk. They sound awful. Like a smack head just out of bed.

Let us not forget how cannabis users often appear to have a personality transplant, becoming irritable, aggravated and even violent when they do not have their fix. (Also when somebody has the audacity to contradict them!)

Yet these same people, these drug addicts, are in complete denial about the terrible effects of this drug and even go so far as to claim that it has *beneficial* qualities, 'expands the mind' and they use it for 'medicinal purposes'.

What planet are these people on? Completely delusional.

It has taken millions of years for the human mind to evolve to its present advanced state. What on earth makes these people think that by puffing away on a mind altering 'spliff' - or a 'bong' - it is going to make any kind of improvement on that? It won't. It will only destroy this wonderful miracle of creation - your very mind.

Drug addicts, do yourselves a favour: get help. Get off these stupefying, mind altering drugs before they cause any further damage.

For those that are fortunate enough not to have tried this drug yet, avoid it like the plague. You are not missing anything. In fact, you are saving your mind from destruction.

Stay away from drug addicts. Do not allow them to persuade you of the supposed 'great benefits' of this brain destroying substance. Do not ruin your precious mind as they have ruined theirs.

* * * * *

IF US and UK armed forces were not occupying and 'corrupting' Afghanistan with 'wicked', 'hedonistic' western ideas and practices, the Taliban wouldn't need to behead these people.

Yes, this slaughter is barbaric beyond words; but Afghanistan  belongs to the Afghanis - their primitive culture, customs and all. It is their country. We should not be there interfering.

The fact is, US and UK forces never should have occupied Afghanistan in the first place.

Let us get our troops out of this godforsaken hell-hole as quickly as possible and thus prevent any more lads being needlessly killed or maimed by the relentless Taliban insurgency.

Let us pull our armed forces out of Afghanistan and station them somewhere where they can serve and protect our country more effectively. Such as on our much neglected borders.

James Mac.

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