Thursday, 24 January 2013

Beyonce cheats in more ways than one...

I notice there's been a big to-do in the press regarding this Beyonce character, and her apparent lip-syncing of the American National anthem, or 'The Star Spangled Banner', during Barack Obongo's presidential inauguration. 

Yep, she's a cheating cow, and some would argue that she murdered the song regardless. But I have another, more relevant beef with her. This negress is cheating us in more ways than one, by giving a false sense of her 'beauty'. 

Look at her as she mimes this song, with her hair done up in a desperate attempt to look more like a blonde White woman. 

It's a look which I personally think looks bloody ridiculous - the hair, skin colour (no doubt bleached) and features look way out of sync - but some misguided reprobates seem to find it attractive. Not good if you are a good White person opposed to miscegenation. 

I say Beyonce should be proud of her 'rich heritage' and embrace her natural kinky Afro fuzz. Put it on display for all to see. Then we shall see how 'Bootylicious' she really looks. Yep.

Here's a tiny glimpse of what we can expect (although no doubt even this has had a lot of work done on it, so we are being generous here). Not so appealing after all, is it, race-mixer? Why bring more of this misery into the world?

Here's another, possibly more accurate depiction of this negress in her 'wild' state, which was sent to me by a good associate of mine since I made this post. Thank you, Edward.

James Mac.

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