Friday, 25 January 2013

'Iz it cuz I iz black?' Blacks Sue American Idol

It appears that Black American Idol rejects are causing a stink, and attempting to sue, after being disqualified from the show due to past criminal behaviour. 'Iz it cuz I iz black!?' they exclaim in their usual guttural and hysterical tone. They claim that only Blacks have been disqualified from the show due to criminal records, and believe there to be a racist agenda by the shows producers in order to improve ratings. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. 

The truth is, these American Idol producers have been more than fair with Blacks and other riffraff. If the show was truly racist (what a pleasant thought!), they would bar all non-whites from entering the competition, and maybe then it would be worth watching. There are few things worse - more eye gougingly irritating - than listening to that horrible shrill raucous that is Black 'singers'. Makes me shudder just thinking about it. 

The truth is, these Blacks committed the crime(s), and now they must pay the bleedin' price. Nothing to do with 'discrimination'. If anything, White contestants are being discriminated against. It is because these creatures have a genetic predisposition towards criminality and countless other undesirable traits. Note also that half of these so-called 'blacks' that are making these complaints are actually just complete mongrels. Just look at them.

Another reason to shun miscegenation like the plague. What a genetic garbage dump these miscreants are coming from. To think that this biological nightmare is spreading like the Black Death and will surely destroy us more fully than this disease ever could if we White people do not regain control of our own destiny. A truly horrible state of affairs. 

James Mac.

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