Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Russia's Sensible Stance on Homosexuality

It seems the Russian government is to penalise the promotion of homosexuality. 

These are sensible measures by the Russian people methinks. This homosexual propaganda campaign/agenda is pure poison. Homosexuals and their allies are relentless and implacable. They will not be happy until we're all prancing around the streets singing 'YMCA' or some other stupid 'gay' anthem. Why can't these people just get on with their sad and pathetic lives, and stop rubbing their depravity in our faces? Not interested, not welcome.

As for the Mail Online's insistence on demonising Russia for not welcoming blood donations, organ donations, sperm donations, etc., from homosexuals, clearly the author of this piece hasn't given blood recently. If they had, they would know that (here in the UK at least) you will be *turned away* if you are a practising homosexual or if you have engaged in a homosexual act.

James Mac.

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