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From Shabbes Goy to Sacrificial Lamb - John Galliano

Recently I found myself reading a typical online news article in that poisonous anti-German and anti-White news outlet, the Mail Online. This website, the online version of the Daily Mail newspaper, usually has a daily instalment of anti-German hate to keep its jingoistic readership entertained and guilt ridden. Only this piece was about some fruity and flamboyant reprobate of a fashion designer, Gibraltar born John Galliano. The article was making a big to-do about how this fellow appeared to be imitating the dress sense of Hasidic Jews in order to mock this backward community, a charge that is, I believe, completely unfounded. I have no reason to defend this strange looking creature, but in this case, he was simply dressing up in a silly outfit, in line with his rather unconventional dress sense. 

Now when I initially read this article, I couldn't care less about it. I simply wanted to make the point that this story was of no interest to people. If indeed this ostentatious fashion designer fellow was taking the piss out of the Hasidic 'chosen', so bloody what? Who honestly cares? They are nothing special. Yet the media insists on kicking up a stink and wasting our time with such pointless articles about the 'horrors' of 'anti-semitism'. Boo-hoo. If some moronic celebrity allegedly made crass remarks about the people of Wales or Switzerland, for example, then (again, 'allegedly') dressed up in their traditional attire in order to mock them, would anybody really care? Would it be international news stressing the evils of this individual? No it would bloody well not. The Welsh may have a few unkind words to say about this individual, but that's about it. End of story. 

However, after commenting on this piece, I received a message from an acquaintance telling me about this 'must see' video in which the 'wicked' Mr. Galliano, in a drunken rage, went on a crazed and hilarious 'anti-semitic' rant, praised Hitler and called for Jews to be gassed. I think I may have heard about this rant at the time, about a year or so ago, but I didn't take much interest. It was probably an exaggerated and overblown story anyway, I thought (and indeed it was). But I decided to check out this 'outrageous' video anyway, just for something to do. However, I was sure to be disappointed. 

Watch the 'crazed rant' at the link HERE

Now, if we are even remotely observant, we will discover that this sad excuse for a 'man,' as drunk, wretched and pitiful as he was, did *NOT* make any 'anti-semitic' remarks. He simply railed against 'ugly people'. Even if he did make disparaging remarks about our 'chosen' darlings, so bloody what? There is nothing special about these people. Unique, yes (for all the wrong reasons), but nothing special. In fact, they are the bane of this world; a scourge feasting on the underbelly of the White Race. Yep, if they want to hear 'anti-semitism', they know where to come. But I digress. 

If we are to analyse the transcript of this 'heinous rant' in the cold light of day, we shall find that there is not one single reference to the oh so 'chosen' tribe of Judah. Not one word. The dialogue goes as follows:

Galliano: “I love beautiful people. No, I'm sorry...”

Girl: “Are you blonde?”

Galliano: “No, but I love Hitler. People like you would be dead today. You’re mothers, your forefathers would be f**king gassed, and f**king dead.”

Girl: “Do you have a problem?”

Galliano: “With you? You’re ugly.” *snarl*

Girl: “With all people. You don’t like peace. You don’t want peace in the world?

Galliano: “Not with ugly peple.”

Girl: “Where are you from?”

Galliano: “Your asshole.”

As clear as is the summer's sun, this 'man' (or creature, take your pick) did not make an 'anti-semitic' remark. He simply prefers the company of 'beautiful people' and isn't at all fond of 'ugly people,' which is a bit of a problem for him, given the fact he has to look in the mirror every day. He's not exactly the prettiest himself, the ugly looking sod. From the images and interviews I have seen of him, he appears to have all the negative characteristics that we would associate with a Neanderthal. Well, it is said (HERE) that, although he was raised in a strict Roman Catholic family, he has significant 'chosen' ancestry himself, so what can we expect? 

During the media frenzy following this 'evil outburst', one journalist approached the 'chosen' actress, Natalie Portman, as she had some kind of contract with 'Dior' over some fancy perfume or something (I don't know, fashion isn't my strong point). On hearing about this 'hateful' outburst from the fruit, the bilious actress made the following statement: "I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano's comments that surfaced today...I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful."

So, according to this 'chosen' woman, if you are anti-'chosen', or dare to speak any unkind words whatsoever about her tribe, you are officially the opposite of beautiful. Isn't that just great? Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy? With this attitude, it makes you wonder what kind of education this 'celebrity' has received in her native Israel (though she has dual US/Israeli citizenship, isn't she lucky). No. Though this Portman (or should we say Hershlag?) certainly is not the ugliest creature on the planet, you can bet your last tenner that whatever good looks she has came from White Europeans. Genes that her ancestors will have picked up through assimilation over the many centuries they resided as aliens in our European homelands. It's called Gene Hijacking.

However, one must ask the question, if this Galliano did not make an anti-semitic remark, why the hell do we have this outrage? Clearly this is typical phoney outrage, but one must ask the question, why? Why pick on some 'trendy,' 'hipster' homosexual in this totally unwarranted fashion? Why the international shaming and condemnation? Why was he so publicly and ignominiously condemned by Dior's chief executive, the 'chosen' Sidney Toledano? Well, there is one compelling theory, and, as usual, it has to do with money. 

According to one, Marcellous L. Jones, some editor-in-chief of a fashion web magazine, the talk backstage at Paris Fashion Week has centred on rumoured plots by Dior to rid itself of this fruitcake, Galliano. ‘From the very first day of Fashion Week, many editors have been saying that Dior wanted to get rid of him and that a plot like this would save it from having to pay him a reported £17 million,’ he says. ‘These are actually the things that people are saying right now.’

Now that really is intriguing, and makes a lot of sense if you ask me. What better way to get rid of someone who may have previously had a flawless or exemplary record than setting him up in this deceitful and underhanded way? A way to avoid paying this man his due, and bring him to his knees by having him 'allegedly' utter such 'wicked' and 'foul' words of 'blasphemy' regarding the Sacred Cow of our time? 

Hey, and as Galliano 'may' have alluded to this 'Sacred Cow', why not broadcast it in the media (their media) so they can beat the gullible goyim over the head with how evil they are? Their daily dose of guilt. Remind them that even the most unlikely characters could be guilty of such heinous thought crimes, and, of course, the 'unthinkable' consequences of this 'ignorance' (redemption).

Perhaps if they feel guilty enough after this brain-polluting propaganda, the dupable goyim may even feel inclined to send a donation to some 'worthwhile' remembrance charity or perhaps directly to the 'Holy Land' itself? Of course, that would be peanuts compared to the billions sent there every year in 'aid' and 'reparations' for crimes that were 'allegedly' committed over 70 years ago, but why complain if you're making an extra shekel or two? Doesn't this have typical dirty 'chosen' trick written all over it? I think it does. This simply could not have worked out better for them.

After a grovelling apology for the 'crimes' he did not commit, in which he condemned racism and anti-semitism, Galliano was eventually found guilty of making anti-semitic remarks. He was sentenced to pay a total of €6,000 in suspended fines after a French court found him guilty of giving public insults on account of race. However, he was lucky in this regard, as, in France, racist and (especially) anti-'chosen' remarks is punishable by up to six months in prison. That applies especially if you are White and normal. Talk about a gulag. 

On further research, we find that this fruity profligate, John Galliano, is not only a raving homosexual degenerate; not only is he the most camp caricature of a feminised and sissified specimen that our masters would have us look up to and to emulate; not only does he have significant 'chosen' ancestry himself and which he is proud, but he was brought up in an industry dominated by these people, and lived in an area of Paris that was crawling with homosexuals and the 'wonderful' 'chosen'. Yet, even this did not prevent Galliano from being cheated out of a sizeable portion of the money he was owed, and it did not prevent him from being humiliated in the most low down and despicable way, as related above. His degeneracy, conformity and obsequious nature did not prevent him from becoming their Sacrificial Lamb. 

James Mac. 

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