Thursday, 18 April 2013

Celebrate Inequality

Recently - well for the past few months now - I have noticed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various other such social networking and video sharing sites that many homosexuals and their depraved allies have been adopting a pink ‘EQUAL’ sign with a telling red background. This in a show of solidarity for their bid for ‘equal marriage rights’ for homosexuals, etc., which, as I have been saying for a long time, is nothing more than yet another insidious ploy to further the agenda for the radical promotion of deviant activity and undermine the sanctity of the family unit.  

In response to this wicked scheme I decided that nothing would be more fitting than to, in turn, adopt a symbol that would not only be diametrically opposed to this obscene notion of ‘gay marriage,’ but also a slap in the face for the insane utopian idea of egalitarianism in all its manifestations. A symbol that would shout loud and clear to our enemies: WE ARE NOT EQUAL. An iconoclastic symbol that would highlight our rejection of such false and abominable ideas that have gotten our people into the quagmire in which we now find ourselves. 

For in Nature there is no equality; no equality amongst individuals, no equality between the sexes, no equality between races, between species - no equality to be found anywhere in the natural universe. Nature has established inequality of minds, of characters and capacities just as immutably as she has established subordination of her laws. We must never forget this. So what would be more fitting than to adopt the ‘NON-EQUAL’ sign as an online avatar, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc., in order to highlight my rejection of egalitarianism, and have a bit of fun sticking it in the eye of the weirdos out there? 

I would go in search of the NON-EQUAL sign via a google image search, and came across a great many fancy symbols that people had put together, and many of which could be tweaked a little and utilised as a tool for such a sacrilegious message. I would stumble across one such sign that was identical to the pink and red that the weirdos have adopted, only with a slash through it. Initially I adopted this as my avatar on Twitter and showed it to a few associates of mine. However, though one fellow loved the idea, he didn’t like the colour, which I agreed did have a bit of a 'faggy' look about it. So he worked his magic. He would ‘desaturate’ the image and thus transform it into a far more suitable image with a black background and white non-equal symbol that you see at the head of this post. Excellent, I thought. Though I am sure others could do an even better job and help get this blasphemous rejection of deviancy and equality going viral.

Perhaps, I thought, I could think up catchy little slogans in order to hammer the message home and help with its promotion, such as the following:

Reject the (insane) notion of equality.
Let’s claw our way back to reality.

No doubt there are many gifted individuals out there who could do much better than I, but there we go.We are limited only by our imaginations. I will be using the non-equal sign as my avatar - where I can - for the foreseeable future. Delenda est Judaica.

James Mac.


  1. Yes, I found it to be a great display of this bandwagon hopping humanity is so adept at. It really bums me out that people just blindly follow without questioning a single thing! It becomes such a hassle (nevertheless, a necessary one) just to decode the news, but it is good that many are waking up and realizing that they must do this. You know, I'm sure that everyone changing their avatars on their internet profiles really did loads in influencing those officials decision when the issue came up. "No, don't use all the accepted methods generally used in Democracy...don't sign any petitions or phone up your State's representative, CHANGE YOUR AVATAR!" Ludicrous! Keep spreading the truth! -A.P.

  2. A very clear design, conveying a sensible message. It is easy to understand and looks rather runic as well. Nice!