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Sexual Deviancy & Depravity Here in the UK

Just yesterday I stumbled across a family friends online commentary on the Channel 4 documentary ‘The Sex Clinic.’ My friend would express shock, disgust and horror at its less than palatable content, or 'horrendous scenes' as he put it. How the doctors featured in the program would ask probing questions of HIV riddled male homosexual patients. Such questions as have they been engaging in anal 'fisting' recently with their homosexual partner(s). 

At this point my friend had to turn the program off, as it became too much for him. He feared that if he carried on watching this filth, it might cause him sleepless nights. So disturbing did he find it. After viewing this commentary, I was intrigued. I felt I had to check out this program for myself and see what all the fuss was about. What could be so horrifying, I wondered. 

So I went up to Channel 4's 4oD website, where they feature a wide range of programs. Everything from cookery programs, comedy programs, news, politics, current affairs, lifestyle, drama and a variety of other stuff. I believe these programs are also featured on YouTube, but you will usually find them first at the main site. I imagine also that they will only be accessible to those living here in the UK, which is a bit of a shame methinks. 

In this program, 'The Sex Clinic,' only the second in a series, we meet many kinds of reprobate that can be found in this messed up country. Everything from ignorant chav scum types that boast how many sluts they’ve ‘banged’ and seemingly (carelessly) have no idea how sexually transmitted diseases are spread, to ‘trendy’ deviants that are putting themselves (and others) at serious risk due to their sexual proclivity. 

Such an example is one seemingly shy yet giddy and excitable young pansy, named Harry, who fears he may have contracted HIV after a drug fuelled homosexual orgy at the weekend. With a stupid crooked smile on his face and notable lisp, he informs us that he had taken mind-altering drugs on the Saturday morning, then spent the full day having unprotected sex with two other men. 

Harry gives a blood sample for testing and, after much (understandable) apprehension, the results come back negative. However, it is recommended that he undergo what they call ‘PEP’ treatment (post-exposure prophylaxis), which involves taking powerful drugs that have the most disagreeable side-effects, just to be on the safe side. The side-effects include diarrhoea, headaches, nausea and vomiting. Feeling slight vexation at this ridiculous situation, I find myself exclaiming: ‘Stop being such a disgusting druggy deviant, you stupid mong!’ 

Later on in the program, we find that Harry has made the decision to discontinue the PEP treatment due to the severe side-effects. I had to laugh when he stated: ‘It should be a compulsory trial for every gay man to take a weeks worth of PEP to know how shit you feel.’ Well said. A life of misery, hospital and doctors appointments, injections and pills, pills, and more bloody pills. A veritable gem for the pharmaceutical companies, which is definitely something worth considering. 

Also featured in the program we have a rather ‘colourful’ character (well his hair is a different shade each time he appears on screen), 75 year old John, a transvestite who is being treated for a possible venereal infection. He tells us all about his private life on 'the scene' (so trendy!) in which he dresses up as a woman and goes out on the pull. We see images of him in action, most of which are so indescribably distasteful and plain ugly that it makes you want to switch the thing off and take a shower. Yet John gives out an impish smile, taking a kind of bashful pride in his indecent exploits. 

How about this for an odd statement from this most strange and abnormal (sorry, 'trendy!') individual: ‘If I go out like this (his ‘normal’ clothing) I’ll be chatting to women and hoping to score… if I go out dressed in female attire, then, erm, I’m open to approaches from men, and other transvestites of course. When I’m dressed as a man, I have no interest in having sex with another man. You know, I’m not that sort of, erm, gay… but I do have sex with men when I’m dressed as a woman.’ The 'advanced' and 'diverse' paradise that is modern day Britain.  :-/  

However, it seems my friend should have continued watching this program, for educational purposes if nothing else, as it got really messed up after the point in which he switched it off.  For we have one particularly obnoxious flaming faggot type featured in the program, and who I believe appears in the scene my friend was referring to, some HIV infected foreigner by the name of Stephano. This is the man who is casually asked by the smirking doctor about his ‘fisting’ escapades and all, and who elaborates further on his indiscriminate and uninhibited sex life as a Hepatitis C and HIV case. 

Now you wouldn’t have thought these were particularly serious and concerning health issues given the idiotic grinning and giggles from the frivolous sounding doctor treating this man. And you’d think that if you had the earth-shattering misfortune of contracting such awful illnesses as the aforementioned that you would be extra careful about even engaging in sexual intercourse (perhaps doubling or trebling up beforehand if you do, just to be on the safe side). You would certainly feel obliged to inform a potential sexual partner about your illness. You know, ‘common courtesy,’ concern for the 'welfare of others' and all that ‘old fashioned’ poppycock. :-/ 

Yet we have the charming Stephano here candidly admitting that he regularly copulates with his (occasional?) partner whilst unprotected, a partner who is apparently aware of his life-threatening condition and feels comfortable with that, because he's 'so' broadminded and all that. You see, these are such nice, clean, progressive people we are talking about here. People whom we should aspire to emulate.

Now here comes the real bombshell. When Stephano is asked about how he goes about revealing his HIV status to his potential shagging buddies, or ‘partners’ as they like to call them (evidently he is a promiscuous chap, which isn’t at all surprising when you have been exposed to the statistics), he states with a bland shrug that it ‘depends on the situation’ if he even bothers to inform them about his frightful status. 

He believes, based on what the 'experts' are telling him I gather, that the chances of spreading the HIV virus is ‘really, really slim’ when undergoing treatment, so all that ‘inconvenient’ lark about declaring your status will only kill the midnight mood. He then arrogantly adds: ‘I think that everybody should ask, rather than waiting for someone else, because it’s your own responsibility to protect yourself, if you want to protect yourself.’ (20th minute) Doesn’t that make you feel safe? Doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy? :-/

Stephano then tries to argue that it is much safer to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse with somebody like him, who is HIV positive and undergoing 'treatment' (the ingestion of a combination of powerful antiretroviral drugs), than somebody who is unaware that they *might* have HIV, like almost everyone of us. Is that an argument for mass 'treatment' I wonder? Treatment that causes such ghastly side-effects as nausea, tiredness, diarrhoea, skin rashes, mood swings and the gaining of fat on one part of the body whilst losing it on another. How about just not engaging in this kind of deviant lifestyle, miscegenation, insane promiscuity and make the chances of contracting HIV next to zero? Did that ever occur to this despicable individual? Or would that go against his supreme individualistic principle of ‘ME! ME! ME! I will do what I want to do, when I want to do it, and to hell with the consequences!’? I think so. 

Later in the program, after wading through and arranging his stupendous supply of drugs and jabs his various injections,  Stephano talks openly about 'Sex Parties' as though they are perfectly normal events. Like we all attend such gatherings every weekend and enjoy a good old reckless orgy, don't we? He boasts that at such an event, a typical hedonistic deviant fest, a person could, as he puts it: ' one night you have, you know, twenty partners, thirty partners, who knows.' These are the same 'partners' that he 'may or may not' inform about the fact he has contracted the HIV virus, as 'it depends on the situation,' the chances of passing it on are 'really, really slim' and 'everybody should ask, rather than waiting for someone else, because it’s your own responsibility to protect yourself, if you want to protect yourself.' 

Could a person be any more criminally irresponsible? Could anybody be more deserving of a prison sentence? Could an individual be more worthy of being quarantined? Next he and others like him will be telling us, ‘Oh, it’s *only* HIV. It’s *only* Hepatitis C. What are you worried about? If you happen to contract HIV, so what? You’ll *only* have to take a shite-load of powerful drugs for the rest of your life… and, you know (as a minor side note), it *might* develop into AIDS(!). Stop worrying yourself so much! Relax. Come and embrace the fruit of my loins!’ 

Wow. Yep, it is frightening. But evidently this is just a ‘normal’ part of everyday life for these people. Yet the media and our ‘chosen’ masters tell us that this is not only perfectly acceptable, but must be encouraged and promoted as a ‘fun’ and ‘happy’ lifestyle choice. Something almost to aspire to, rather than a life of misery, disease, drug abuse, anti-depressants and death.

After viewing such a program as this, I’m honestly surprised such blood-borne diseases as HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as the innumerable venereal diseases and infections we could mention, are not far more prevalent in this debauched, degenerate and increasingly miscegenated society in which we find ourselves. More than ever it highlights to us that we must honour, protect and venerate the sanctity of the family unit, hold it sacred, and refrain from such deviancy as we describe here, in order that we may avoid falling into the vicious, diseased quagmire that appears to be almost acceptable in this paragon of atrophy that is modern day Britain. 

Thank you for your time and delenda est Judaica.

James Mac.

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