Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Varg Vikernes Arrested by Thought Police

Varg Vikernes and his wife arrested on suspicion of planning a 'major' act of terrorism? What utter piffle. What a flimsy pretext for apprehending this lovely couple. All because Varg downloaded a copy of Anders Breivik's manifesto and his wife *legally* purchased a few rifles? Anybody who follows the news will be aware that Anders Behring Breivik sent his document out on the morning he went on his rampage in Norway, and his 'book' went viral that very day. If you were to arrest everybody who happens to have the 2083 PDF or word document sitting around their computer some place, the corrupt authorities could have an excuse to arbitrarily arrest hundreds of thousands of people on suspicion of 'preparing a major terrorist act.' It's absolute bloody nonsense. Blatant state persecution of a family that dares to hold 'politically incorrect' opinions. I also have to raise a severe smile at various controlled news outlets (for example HERE) which state that Varg has 'links' to Anders Breivik. What, they are both Norwegian? They both aren't particularly keen on mass immigration? The last I checked, this fine couple were just trying to build a house in the idyllic French countryside for their beautiful burgeoning family, Varg's lovely wife Marie pregnant with their (I think) fourth child, and his fifth. Does that really sound like a man who wishes to go on a wild counterproductive shooting rampage? They simply wished to legally own a few rifles to go hunting in the fertile French countryside, that best garden of the world. To live in harmony with nature and stay true to their European heritage. Nothing more. The thoughts of all good White Loyalists around the globe are with Varg and his family at this time. Hopefully Marie in particular isn't too stressed by this disgusting, Orwellian act of state persecution.

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  1. 'For obvious reasons I will not encourage anybody to take any illegal actions to end the European genocide, but there is much you can do that is not yet illegal. Be smart about this, and never give them an excuse to tighten the screw even more. I will suggest that you first of all take action to expose them and their lies to as many as possible – like I do here, but also like you can do elsewhere; in public, in private and in so many ways.' - Varg Vikernes, in his last blog post before being hauled away by the corrupt anti-White authorities.