Monday, 26 August 2013

Would-be British Doctors Rejected & Forced Abroad, Incompetent Foreign Quacks Imported - Make Sense?

The filthy traitors that rule over us from Whitehall tell us over and over again that we 'need' to import thousands of foreign doctors each year, as we allegedly haven't enough gifted homegrown people aspiring to join the medical profession. Without our 'beloved' imports, they say, the NHS would simply collapse. Yet, as we can see, the scoundrels are deliberately making it extremely difficult for aspiring young would-be doctors here in Britain.

The NHS currently registers around 13,000 new doctors every year. However, there are only around 6,000 places per year for medical courses at British universities. As a result, huge numbers of 'Straight-A' young people are turned away. So, in order for the NHS to make up the numbers, thousands of foreign doctors, many of them with dubious backgrounds, are imported to (un)care for and (mis)operate on our sick and dying.

Many of these foreign doctors are struck off for malpractice after frequently misdiagnosing illnesses and administering concoctions of weird substances to patients that they are about as familiar with as the unwitting patients themselves. Meanwhile, universities are turning away thousands of our best and brightest young White people that are desperate to become doctors. They are instead encouraged to take on a pointless brain-polluting course like media studies, sociology or god knows what else. (I would advise giving university a miss than put yourself through that.)

Those who are still determined on a career in the medical profession have to go abroad in order to get themselves trained up, and in the process get themselves and their parents up to their eyeballs in debt. Is this right? Is this sane? How on earth are the traitors in government getting away with this scandal? Why aren't there massive student demonstrations thronging on the streets of Westminster, demanding that this issue be addressed? We must adopt policies that ensure there are more courses for medical students, enough to make our NHS self-sufficient and our hospitals populated with good White doctors that are proficient English speakers . This alone would have a massive morale boosting effect that would help patients along the road to recovery.

James Mac.



  1. Let me put it another way :Ever wondered why competent foreign doctors sit and pass rigurous entrance exams to US, Canada and Australia,and incompetent foreign doctors go to UK were there are no entrance exams? What is it about UK that repels competent Eastern European doctors, for example? UK would be closer to their countries, salaries are good, yet they would rather go to the end of the globe

  2. Aussie hospitals are crammed with non-white nurses and doctors. The Filipino and Indian nurses are the creepiest. I heard one Indian nurse trying to explain to this poor old guy that he had diabetes. He had to ask her what she said about four times before he could decipher her answer it was that garbled by her dense accent.

    Bring back the White Australia Policy!

  3. I woke up in the IC room in a Brisbane hospital after a double by-pass operation. As I watched through my drug induced haze (against pain) the whole room gradually filled with Indian nurses as the day shift turned into the night one. It was the creepiest feeling I ever had. I honestly felt vulnerable and ill at ease.