Sunday, 24 November 2013

Nature’s Eternal Religion Audio Book One - Complete & Unabridged

Nature’s Eternal Religion Audio Book One - Complete & Unabridged

NER . Foreword

Chapter One: The Laws of Nature Are Eternal

Chapter Two: The White Race: Natures Greatest Miracle

Chapter Three: Lessons from the Laboratory of India

Chapter Four: The White Race: Creators of Chinese Mexican & Aztec Civilizations

Chapter Five: The Black Plague in Our Midst

Chapter Six: Masters of Deceit: A Short History of the Jews

Chapter Seven: The Kehilla

Chapter Eight: A Few Examples of Jewish Atrocities

Chapter Nine: Five Jewish Books

Chapter Ten: The Old Testament

Chapter Eleven: The Book of Esther

Chapter Twelve: The Incongruity of Jewish God

Chapter Thirteen: The New Testament

Chapter Fourteen: Revelation: A Jewish Nightmare in Technicolor

Chapter Fifteen: Getting to Heaven: Project Impossible: Or, Everybody is Going to Hell

Chapter Sixteen: Christs Existence Not Substantiated by Historical Evidence

Chapter Seventeen: A Closer Look at the Judeo-Christian Hoax

Chapter Eighteen: The Talmud

Chapter Nineteen: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Chapter Twenty: The Text of the Protocols

Chapter Twenty One: Marxism: The Modern Poisonous Brew


  1. Greetings James, it's me Erik from Kreativistens Kyrka on Youtube. Hope you are doing well. I got shut off my Youtube account for 2 weeks recently. Actually for the introduction video from keotvi sundvall (it got flagged) and not NER. I just thought I'd give you and provide for the readers the audio books links for Internet Archieve. It's very convenient; people can listen for a taste and preview, and then download the whole audio book if they're interested:

    You know, I'm trying to make my website completely in Swedish about Creativity. But, there's so much texts in English, and I also didn't know what to do about the english texts once I'd translated them. So I created an international Creativity site in English. It's called Creativity Religion Info - an informational resource site and historical archieve: Hope you enjoy it. :-) RAHOWA! /Erik

    1. Damn. I see your YouTube account was suspended. That’s a shame. I had intended to share various links with family members, etc.. Hopefully you bounce back soon from this setback. Hope you are well, and hope you join me on Skype. :)

    2. Thank you. Ah, you're quite the joker I see. :) No setback, and no worries! I had all clips backed up and another service in place of Youtube. I'm in the process of uploading them to Internet Archieve, which is a much more permanent, safe place to store video and audio than Youtube. You can just cruise through the category "video" of my blog for video clips - - and post links to others that way. ;) Resourcefulness and loop holes exist on the web. Also, I've published the book No Random Act online too and interviews from books, it's very easy to follow along and read. :) I'll published NER and TLWB soon as well! Take care.

  2. There. I'm back from the setback of having my Youtube account terminated. Now I've uploaded almost all of the videos I had there on Internet Archieve and made blog posts with them. I've uploaded nearly all of the videos, I'm in the process of uploading the rest. I'm about to sort the entries and videos under categories like Ben Klassen, Matt Hale, Benjamin Smith and so on. Here's some links you can give away:

    Isn't this an easy way to view the videos also? I mean, it's not Youtube, but it works.

    I'm going to make a Matt Hale category to so you can easily watch and read Matt Hale material, but right now in this writing moment I'm kind of tired. I've uploaded 280 blog entries and a lot of video clips, pictures and so forth. I've scanned the net and searched out and found for example 3 Benjamin Smith video clips, and other interesting gems of videos, written transcripts, the No Random Act-book and so forth.

    RaHoWa! /Erik

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  4. @Brian, Thank you. We will be getting to work on WMB sometime in the near future. In the meantime, do spread the Holy Word of Creativity far and wide. A White Racial Religion - namely CREATIVITY - is the only way. Delenda est Judaica. Be well.