Sunday, 10 November 2013

Outrage: Race-traitor Gives Keynote Speech At BNP Gathering

Not keen on all this Japanese talk from supposed ‘pro-White’ people, not keen at all. The two individuals featured here in this video, Adam Walker and Bruno Gollnisch - ’nice’ though they may be - are in fact *race-mixers.* The former, Adam Walker, was at one time married a Japanese woman, fortunately ending that relationship childless (phew!). The other, the old grinning French codger, Bruno Gollnisch, is apparently married to another Japanese woman and has three racially mixed daughters as a result. How can any supposed ‘pro-White’ people sit there and chuckle along to this race-traitor? It simply defies belief. Disgusting, disgraceful, shameful, outrageous, and simply mind-boggling. If these people in the audience were White Loyalists worth their salt - or good Europeans to use another term - they would chase this toad-faced git out of the building, not applaud him as the keynote speaker. This man is worse than any ‘chosen,’ for there is NOTHING worse than a *filthy* race-traitor, a traitor to the White Race. 

For those that might try to defend this miscreant, this deviant (and I know my fellow Creators certainly will not), claiming he has done ’so much’ for the ‘cause’ (whatever that ‘cause’ may be in the minds of these ’nationalist’ types), my question is this: what exactly has this contemptible wretch, Bruno Collnisch, done for the White Race? Three miscegenated daughters to pollute our precious White Gene Pool? Thanks very much for that, Bruno, we really do feel truly blessed (not!). :-/ I couldn’t care *less* if this Gollnisch creature has been elected to political office (standing for the sell-out Front National), becoming a Euro MP, or if he has a German sounding surname (which seems to impress many of these ’nationalist’ types for some odd reason). There are thousands of such traitors and stooges running about and feigning sympathy with us, giving us the old ‘wink wink’ (‘I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I can’t tell anyone I agree with you, they just won’t understand’), spouting a load of ‘libertarian’ drivel, all in order to get our money and our votes and lead us down blind allies. 

No, good White people, good White Racial Loyalists the world over, must always ask themselves the following questions when evaluating the achievements of a supposed ‘pro-White’ activist: what are the fruits of this individuals labour? What has he or she done to advance the White Race, promote White Racial Solidarity and further the Noble Cause of White preservation? In the case of this smug looking Bruno Grollnisch character, the only ‘contribution’ I can see is, well, mongrels, mongrels, mongrels galore. Pollution of that which we cherish more than anything in the world: our precious White Gene Pool. Are we really supposed to thank him for that and show our appreciation with loud cheers, laughter, rounds of applause and standing ovations, as we see here at this BNP gathering? Are we White Loyalists really supposed to support him and his (treacherous) organisation financially with our hard earned cash and cheer when he is (pointlessly) re-elected - if he is re-elected - to political office?

Sorry, but no, no, no. We White Racial Loyalists, and we Creators in particular, ought to shun these despicable reprobates, no matter how ‘nice’ they appear to be, just as we would any other common criminal, coprophile, zoophile, paedophile or rapist, for this is how truly sick and heinous these creatures are in our eyes and, in fact, in reality. We *certainly* should not giggle, clap and cheer along as they cackle to one another in an alien tongue and whilst they rub our noses in their sick depravity and dastardly treason. Clearly these idiots leading the BNP don’t see, or care, how demoralising these spectacles are to our good White Loyalists when they see this kind of (let us face it) piss-taking mockery, mockery that makes a farce out of pro-White activism. Or perhaps this is what the leadership of the BNP want, to leave genuine White Loyalists, who are otherwise so passionate about our White Race and Noble Cause, feeling dispirited and disheartened, until they eventually give up the fight? Anybody would be forgiven for arriving at this conclusion. More false bloody leadership!

I think it’s time we give these odious charlatans and frauds a piece of our mind. We ought to highlight the madness of this insulting mockery and treason to every good White Racial Loyalist in Britain and France, and, of course, the White Race as a whole. An insult to White people anywhere is an insult to White people everywhere. If Creators are in contact with some of the good intentioned but deluded members of such groups as the BNP or Front National - groups that are unfortunately packed full of ‘born-again’ Christians and other cranks that love to point with ‘pride’ at the revival of spookcraft in their home towns - we ought to bring to their attention this foul treason, and take the opportunity to introduce them to a pure and undiluted White Loyalist creed and program, which is, of course, the one and only, glorious religion of Creativity. A good start for now, however, would be to show your disapproval and scorn for such riffraff as Bruno Gollnisch, and down-thumb this video into oblivion. There is no point in attempting to leave reasoned points in the comment section, as the comments are heavily moderated - usually by Christians - with only sycophantic remarks meeting approval. 

‘We Creators view with disdain and contempt that lowest form of human cretin — the race traitor.’ –Building a Whiter and Brighter World, Ben Klassen.

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