Sunday, 2 March 2014

Creation - Charles Darwin Biographical Film

Watched the film ‘Creation,’ about the life of Charles Darwin, starring Paul Bettany. It was a good film, covering Darwin’s relationship with his precocious and doting eldest daughter, Annie, and the tense relationship with his superstitious and god-fearing wife, Emma. And, of course, the film also covers his research and struggles (and procrastination) as he labours to write his groundbreaking ‘On the Origin of Species’ (or ‘The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’). A film I would highly recommend to others, if only for the hilarious scene near the beginning where the silly White Christians attempt to civilise and Christianise a pair of Fuegian savages from South America, only to have the hare-brained experiment end in complete failure when the would-be missionaries discard their polite society attire and rejoin their primitive and unclad tribe. However, the film also helps bring home to us the uncomfortable fact of just how backward our own thinking was in the middle of the nineteenth century. I still struggle to accept that so many otherwise intelligent people at that time were making such a big fuss about whether they should embrace the overwhelming evidence presented by observation of the natural world, which indicated that the species of the world evolved through natural selection over millions of years, or the ignorant  ‘god snapped his fingers’ nonsense as set forth in the Genesis story of the Jewish bible. To think that this issue actually caused rifts in families and otherwise lifelong friendships to cease. Damn that Jewish brain-rot. :-/ 

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