Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nature’s Eternal Religion Audio Book Two - Complete & Unabridged

Chapter One: Nature & Religion Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 01 - Nature and Religion.mp3

Chapter Two: Your Loyalty: A Sacred Trust Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 02 - Your Loyalty.mp3

Chapter Three: The Purpose of Life Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 03 - The Purpose.mp3

Chapter Four: The 16 Commandments Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 04 - 16 Commandments.mp3

Chapter Five: Germany, Adolf Hitler, and National Socialism Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 05 -  Germany Adolf Hitler NS.mp3

Chapter Six: Racial Socialism

Chapter Seven: The Leadership Principle.

Chapter Eight: Foundations of Our White Society

Chapter Nine - The Importance of Land & Territory.

Chapter Ten - Manifest Destiny.

Chapter Eleven: Mohammedanism: The Power of a Militant Religion.

Chapter Twelve: Queen Isabella - The Inspired Crusader

Chapter Thirteen: Mormonism - A Better Fraud

Chapter Fourteen: Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins

Chapter Fifteen: Creativity vs. Christianity

Chapter Sixteen: Christianity Peculiarly Vulnerable

Chapter Seventeen: False Leadership

Chapter Eighteen: False Ideas Disseminated by Jews

Chapter Nineteen: Respect for Whose Law & Order?

Chapter Twenty: Facts Myths and Lies

Chapter Twenty One: Evidence Judgement Conclusions & Decisions

Chapter Twenty Two: My Own Spiritual Awakening

Chapter Twenty Three: Guideposts Along the Path of Life

Chapter Twenty Four: Advantages of Being Self-Employed

Chapter Twenty Five: Horatius at the Bridge

Chapter Twenty Six: Latin: Civilization's Foremost Language

Chapter Twenty Seven: Road to Greatness

Chapter Twenty Eight: Our Brilliant Future

Beethoven Complete


  1. Nature's Eternal Religion, written by Ben Klassen and read by James Mac. It's simply the best companion to a long weekend or a Sunday drive.

    Congratulations on your ordination as a Minister of Creativity, Reverend James.

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  3. @Brian. The URL for those links aren’t working for whatever reason. However, you can still play chapter 8 and 11 at CA-TV, which has been embedded at the bottom of this post. Enjoy. :)