Thursday, 12 March 2015

Creator of the Year - February 41- February 42 AC.

Announcement from Reverend Cochran:

Brothers and sisters,

Happy Rahowa Day! Today we commemorate the groundbreaking at the World Center in Otto, North Carolina. We also have a special announcement. Based on his bold representation of Creativity in public settings, his proactive attitude towards activism, and his embodiment of Creative virtues, Reverend James Mac, of the Church of Creativity England, has been named Creator of the Year for February 41- February 42 AC.

In response to the award, the Reverend had this to say:

"Thank you and Rev. Cambeul so much. I truly am surprised, touched and honoured by this fine award. The moment I saw the ‘Creator of the Year’ certificate with my name on it I was so thrilled and excited that I just wanted to show it off to the world.

I would like to thank all of those Creators around the world and other good White Racial Loyalist friends that have helped make this possible.

All that I strive to do is promote what I know to be the greatest idea in the history of the world, and make our fellow White people realise that this is the only Salvation for our kind. Knowing that Creativity is not being embraced and promulgated anywhere near as much as it should truly breaks my heart.

Every man and woman who has been convinced that Creativity is the way to White Redemption should be going wild for the glorious teachings of our great Founder, Ben Klassen, and want to share this wonderful news with every decent White person they meet.

I would urge Creators to read the ‘Manual for Ordained Ministers’ in Racial Loyalty Issue 10 or article 34 of Expanding Creativity. Read it several times, keep it for reference ( and share with others!), but especially heed the following sage advice:

‘The real secret of success is the follow-up, and don't be discouraged. Cultivate the partially interested the (a) type, but feed the information to them in moderate amounts with timely spacing. Don't overwhelm them in the first rush and turn them off. Your pay-off might come in a week, a month or maybe years later. You never know what will develop. You have sown the seeds and the ramifications may exceed your fondest expectations.’

We simply cannot do enough to promote and advance Creativity. Each of us must be indefatigable in our attempt to straighten out the White Man’s thinking. Nothing is more important than this noble endeavour.

If I could give any advice to other Creators it would be to read from the works of Ben Klassen daily, even if it is just a single chapter from NER, a credo from the WMB,or a segment from the Little White Book. Nothing else can fill a Creator with more inspiration. Nothing else can help him refrain from indulging in self-pity and negativity. Nothing else can do more to keep his thinking clear, and his mind from veering off into orbit by playing silly games with superstitions and false ideas.

‘A Credo a day keeps the cobwebs away.’

I vow that I will do at least 50 percent more to promote the White Man’s Creed - CREATIVITY - this year as I have the previous year. Not least because there are up and coming adherents that are filled with passion, zeal, drive and will strive to achieve this coveted honour.

The future of Creativity truly is exciting.

Thank you,

Rev. James Mac."

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that the Creator of the Year award will henceforth be awarded annually, each Rahowa Day, to a Creator who goes above and beyond their required duties and who genuinely exhibits the characteristics of a Creator. Nominations will be accepted beginning in January of the year the award is to be given. I hope to see all of you contending for it next year.

Again, Rev. James Mac, congratulations. Keep up the excellent work.

-Rev. Cochran


  1. Congratulations J.M.! That was very well deserved. Very nice award note - it reads like something Matt Hale or a Pontifex Maximus would have written. I enjoyed your radio interview, your public speech, and the audio book work you've done, which I continue to incorporate on websites and on youtube in spreading Creativity and Salubrious Living. Keep up the good work! :) Cheers and viking greets brother. /Erik

    PS. I didn't know where to post this below, since I couldn't find a post with your LWB audio book contribution here or links to the texts of the chapters of NER (I remember you wrote that you wanted to add links to the text of the audios), so here are the sites dedicated to LWB and NER - with the texts and your audio chapters:

    The Little White Book:

    Nature's Eternal Religion:

    Note: I don't know if anyone still uses IE, but you need Firefox it seems for the audio links to work on these pages.

    Another site dedicated to the Creativity video sermons and sculpture art by that Keotvi Sundvall fellow whose clips I think you've seen on Youtube - he has a lot of eye candy and epic short films that I think you'll appreciate:

    Creativity Religious Sermons:

  2. Public Creativity Speech by James Mac: Introduction to Creativity - Our Constant Goal (White Man March UK 2015)

    1. Well done for uploading this speech with apt music. Bravo. More to come.

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